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faucet dripWe offer a variety of plumbing services at a cost consistently lower than most large companies, and service that is better than all other companies. As we mention throughout this site, we treat all our customers with the respect, integrity, and honesty they deserve.  Call us and let us take care of you. All of our work has a complete 1 year warranty on labor. That means we stand behind the work we do so you can be confident your job is done right the first time. Wondering what we do? Check out the list below. If you don’t see your needs listed here please us call for a free quote.

  • Kitchen or bathroom sink installs

  • New laundry sinks installed

  • Washing machine shut-off valves and hoses

  • Sump pump repairs, replacement, or new installs

  • Faucet repairs & replacement

  • Toilet installs or repairs

  • Frozen pipes thawed and repaired

  • Mystery leaks found and repaired

  • Water heaters installed, repaired, or replaced

  • Pinhole pipe leaks repaired

  • Bathtubs replacements

  • Bathroom remodels

  • Toilets, sinks, and any fixture replacements

  • New water, drain, or gas lines installed

  • Frost free outside faucets installed or replaced

  • Drain lines snaked

  • Whole house winterization and un-winterization

  • Water main valve replacements

  • Well tank replacement



We not only offer services, but we are certified with certain products as well. Being in the industry gives you the luxury of knowledge that many consumers don't have. This is the knowledge of quality products. We can save you the trouble of reading reviews, combing the internet for suggestions, or relying simply on the brand you already know about. This is because we only recommend and deal with quality products. We have been working with many of these brand names for years, and our experience have shown that these products shine:

  • Bradford White water heaters

  • Kohler toilets & Kohler faucets

  • Delta faucets

  • Moen faucets

  • Bio-Clean drain maintenance products

  • Viega brand PEX water piping

  • Tracpipe flexible gas piping

  • Woodford frost free sillcocks

  • Cuno - Aqua Pure Water Filters

  • Insinkerator Garbage Disposals

  • Zoeller Sump Pumps


bradford white water heater
Bradford White water heaters

Bradford White offers an incredible variety of diverse products for water heating, combination heating and storage applications.

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Kohler toilets & Kohler faucets

Kohler is a U.S. based company that makes both quality toilets and faucets.

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Delta faucets

Delta is a company that makes resilient and stylish faucets and fixtures.

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Moen faucets

Moen, similar to Delta, is also a company that makes faucets and fixtures to add style and functionality to your home.

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Bio-clean drain maintenance products

Bio-clean is an company that makes an environmentally safe product that can unclog slow moving drains.

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Viega brand PEX water piping

Viega brand PEX piping is piping that we use and recommend. Quality piping is important to help prevent leaks and bursting.

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Trac pipe flexible gas piping

Trac pipe flexible gas piping is also piping that we use and recommend for gas.  

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Woodford frost free faucets

For outdoor fixtures, Woodford makes great frost free faucets and sillcocks.

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Cuno - Aqua pure water filters

Cuno makes top-of-the-line water filtration systems.

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Insinkerator garbage disposals

Insinkerator makes powerful and quality garbage disposals.

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Zoeller Sump Pumps
Zoeller sump pumps

Do you have problems with your basement flooding? Zoeller sump pumps makes great sump pumps that are just what you need.

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